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Crianças brincando


how to help

We serve 250 people through Basic Basket, Training Courses and Social, Psychological and Legal Assistance.

80% of the people involved in the activities of the Instituto Omindaré are Volunteers (Assistants), but we have costs for maintaining our headquarters, you can make donations .

We are a family owned and operated business.

Take action

You can adopt a project and follow through the recordings on TV Omindaré. Find out how to participate !

With lightness, beauty,

the strength and transformation that water produces,

our Institute was created,

that bears the name of Omindaré.


latest project

We are a family owned and operated business.

We held the 2nd collective LGBT wedding.

We carry out in partnership with ATADOS and Pousada Porto X.

Brides and grooms won bouquets, wedding rings, parties, DJ, singer, cake and raffle for a weekend at the Pousada.

We are moving towards the 3rd Wedding.

6 Prêmios .12 palestras .7 masterclass.png

Realizamos esse evento

que foi de suma importancia para os artistas líricos, num momento tão difícil para todos os artistas.

Grupo de ações do Instituto Omindaré
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